Little Sisters of the Poor

Located near Roebuck, off UCD campus, the Little Sisters of the Poor home for the elderly are looking for volunteers on Sunday and Thursday nights to go down and meet the residents from 7pm to about 8.30pm. Life in the home can often be very lonely for the residents, and many of them go to their rooms after dinner. However volunteers can help make them feel less isolated and forgotten, and create a social atmosphere in the evening by just talking to them or playing a board game or a game of cards. There are many possible things to do, but all involve interacting and engaging with the residents.
This, more than any other activity, is one where the more you put in, the more you’ll get out of it and the more successful it will be. So bring your enthusiasm and prepare to enjoy yourself.
Thursday and Sunday: 7-8.30pm

The easiest way to get to Little Sisters is to walk from UCD. Just follow the line in the map below from the Arts Block decking.