Soup Runs

The soup runs meet at 7:30pm by the Spire in Dublin city centre every Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Students buy food before heading to the homeless hostel, Teach Mhuire, on Gardiner Street where all the sandwiches are made. Three or four groups of four volunteers then head off with boxes of sandwiches, packets of soup, tea, chocolate bars, fruit and flasks of boiling water on different routes around the city centre. The volunteers feed and socialise with the homeless people they meet, until the food runs out at around 10pm.

This activity is of critical importance, it provides an essential service to the homeless people of Dublin, one of the most marginalised groups in Irish society today. All of the homeless people are extremely grateful for the work of the UCD students with the students themselves also gaining a lot from the experience.

Take the 46A, 145 or the 39a from UCD to the O’Connell Street and walk to the Spire.


To get involved, join one of the UCD SVP Soup Run Groups on Facebook: