Homeless Week

lanni-designs-svpHomeless Week, first held in 2008, has grown each year with the support of UCD students. The campaign is aimed at raising awareness of homelessness in Ireland and much needed funds for our homeless services, including a Soup Run four nights a week and volunteering in De Paul’s Back Lane Hostel five nights a week.

Throughout Homeless Week, students participate in a nightly ‘Sleep-out’ outside the James Joyce Library. You don’t need to be involved with SVP, and you don’t need to sleep out every night: everyone’s welcome and the more the merrier! (And if you were thinking about getting involved but didn’t know how, come down and meet some of our committee who’ll be there all day and all of the night and happy to chat with you about everything we get up to.)

We’ll also be collecting clothes so if you have any unwanted clothes, sleeping bags, hats, scarves and gloves lying around, drop them into us.https://www.facebook.com/events/704690119543198/?previousaction=join&source=1

And there’ll be buskers. Lots and lots of buskers. Show off your skills by popping down to perform for us. Who knows, this could be a place where stars are born!

On top of all this we’ve a range of events lined up, outside the JJ Library unless stated otherwise. They’re all free but we, and the homeless, would really appreciate any donations you could make. All of the money raised goes directly to our homeless services – last year we raised over 4,000 euro. Everything does add up. Help us top that and make this the most successful Homeless Week yet!

We’ll be selling tea all week for a euro (cheapest price on campus) to fundraise too. https://www.facebook.com/events/662492740459942/

A 2012 report (Drugnet Ireland, Issue 44, Winter 2012 . p. 18.) found that there were 3,808 homeless people in Ireland, including 457 under the age of 14. With more people becoming homeless on a weekly basis due to the economic climate, homelessness is a hugely important issue in Ireland today. By coming along to one of the events, donating a few euro or sleeping out for a night or four, you’ll be contributing in helping your fellow students to become more aware of homelessness in Ireland today.