Garda Vetting

Hope exams are going well! The first of our Garda Vetting sessions take place in our society office in the society corridor of the new student centre from 2-4 today! Remember to take part in activities in September you have to have your vetting sent in before the summer and cleared by September. There will be two further sessions on Saturday 17th from 2-4 and Wednesday the 21st 12-2! Any queries please contact us !

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  1. Gus Frieberg says:

    Hello, I still need to do the Garda vetting in order to participate in the activities. I”ve just seen that there is on on Wednesday between 12 and 2, I’ve got a lecture from 12-01 though. Do I have to be there for the exact two hours or would it be okay if I’m there for 01?
    Thanks a mil in advance,

  2. Karen Robinson says:


    I was hoping to get involved in the soup runs as a volunteer. Are you still recruiting volunteers? If so could you send me some information about it please? What is the time commitment, how do I go about signing up, getting Garda vetted etc?

    Many thanks,


    • svpadmin says:

      Hi Karen, at the moment we are waiting on more garda vetting forms as we have run out due to high demand. If you have not joined the society yet please give our facebook page a like and send a message to us there asking to join the society and one of our members will add you. Here is the link to the facebook page . Keep an eye on our page and in our emails for updates as we should have more garda vetting forms delivered to us next week.

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